Strengthening Your Foundation

Every successful undertaking begins a solid foundation to build up from, whether writing a book, starting a business, or constructing a building. Without that solid foundation the opportunity for success, especially in the long-term, is limited and nearly impossible to sustain.

The same goes for your home, a solid foundation ensures that your home will be standing many years from now. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, the foundation of any building may be compromised and place the entire structure in danger. While uniform settling of any foundation is expected, there are times that the settling is uneven or structurally unsound. Many foundation problems are not really problems with the foundation itself but rather with the ground or environment. Some common reasons for foundation settlement issues include weak soil that can’t support the structure, poorly compacted fill, weather patterns- especially changes in moisture levels- and, rarely, poor structural design.

  • Weak soil often is unable to support an entire structure causing it to sink into the ground at a much faster rate than is safe, some slight settling is to be expected. In weak soil, that settling can be excessive and continuous.
  • Poorly compacted fill often has the same issues as weak soil as the fill is loose and unable to support the weight of the structure.
  • Moisture changes can impact the soil strength through the constant change from wet to dry, sapping the strength of the soil itself through the process. This often occurs not so much due to weather as due to poor drainage systems.

For any foundation settlement issue, whether one of the those listed above or anything else, Soiltesting, Inc. has a solution. Whether we need to raise your foundation to improve it or distribute weight across a wider area we’ve got the technology and the knowledge to improve your foundation, no matter what the issue is. If you think that your home’s foundation isn’t as stable as it should be, contact us to come out and test it.