Construction Piling Projects in NY


One of Our Projects for foundation settlement in Irving, NY.

Some of the work we do at Soil Testing, Inc. includes construction piling. The special piles that we use are either helical piles or micropiles. Helical piles are drilled, rotated and pushed into the ground. Micropiles are dug into the ground. Neither of these piles use a hammering method, so they prevent damage to nearby buildings from excess noise and vibrations. One of our projects that included using helical piles was the project for a foundation settlement in Irving, New York using a micropile. 

Piles have a long, cylindrical shape, and are built to support a structure. They are made from timber, wood, steel or concrete. They are inserted below the ground in order to be able to hold heavy structures.

When the soil is weakened at the surface, a pile will be used. The surface would not be able to support a building, so the weight of the building is instead supported by piles inserted into the ground. The building weight is transferred under the surface layer through a strong rock or soil layer. The pile supports the building through this layer of soil or rock.

If you are interested in learning more, check out some of our construction piling work in NY. We have over 30 years of experience with subsurface investigations, our expert drilling contractors will help you correct your foundation settlement problems.