Environmental investigations are conducted to determine if conditions on a site contain hazardous substances. If enough hazardous substances are present, cleanup of the site may be required. We collect data to determine the best and safest way to cleanup.

Characterizing the Levels of Contamination

Before attempting to cleanup a site, contamination levels must be carefully evaluated. We have experience with investigations examining surface water, groundwater, soil and air. Spills are also investigated for hazardous materials before attempting to cleanup.

Steps Preparing for Environmental Cleanup Include:

Developing Site Investigation Planning Documents – This includes taking steps for planning a field investigation. Steps need to be carefully identified for the field investigation to make sure the data collected will show the current environmental conditions and useful steps to determine a cleanup method.

Collecting Field Data

After analyzing steps for conducting a field investigation, up-to-date technology is used to collect field data from water, soil and air. We look for possible radiological, biological and chemical pollutants in our samples.

Analyzing Environmental Samples and Interpreting Data

Data collected from the field investigation is then analyzed in a laboratory. Engineers manage data, and prepare reports to interpret the data

Study Documentation and Determining Steps for Cleanup

The field investigation report will determine the steps to perform to cleanup the level of contamination. It also will determine the potential risk to humans and to the environment. Objectives are taken to determine the correct steps using appropriate cleanup technology.

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