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Construction Piling Projects in NY

Some of the work we do at Soil Testing, Inc. includes construction piling. The special piles that we use are either helical piles or micropiles. Helical piles are drilled, rotated and pushed into the ground. Micropiles are dug into the ground. Neither of these piles use a hammering method, so they prevent damage to nearby […]

Building Foundation Investigation CT

Since 1958, Soil Testing has been performing subsurface investigations, test borings and foundation repairs. Our experienced drilling contractors gather subsurface information to construct and design foundation and find a solution to your foundation problems. We install test borings and piles to repair and provide foundation settlement. Many of our projects include underground construction for building […]

What is Construction Piling?

What are Piles? Piles provide the support a structure needs, through wood, steel, concrete or timber. The definition of a pile would be a long structure, in the shape of a cylinder, from sturdy material like concrete, that go beneath the ground in order to put structures on top of it. What are Pile Foundations? […]